Disputed Wills and Estates

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Disputed Wills and Estates

Dealing with any Will or estate can be an emotional time but if a dispute arises it can become overwhelmingly stressful. If you feel that you need legal advice either to protect your legacy or to contest a will or intestacy (when someone dies without a Will), Stratford Solicitors are here to help. We appreciate that this can be a difficult time, let us help you resolve any problems efficiently and quickly.

Stratford Solicitors will be able to:

  • Challenge a Will
  • Make a claim against the estate of the deceased if they did not leave a Will. This is a remedy often used by cohabitees who have no legal rights under the intestacy rules
  • Assist in disputes concerning negligently drafted Wills
  • Assist in disputes concerning executors and/ or trustees

We will provide a free initial consultation and appointments can be made evenings and weekends to suit your needs including home visits upon request.

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